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Basic Resources:

The following are links to specific Farmers Market information.

Alcoholic Beverage Control Act
ABC Rules for Wine Sales at Farmers’ Markets
Authority for the Permit 79.
Business and Professions Code
Division 9
Chapter 3
Article 3 (Section 23399.4)

California Department of Food and Agriculture

Certified Farmers’ Market Program: Applications for Certified Farmers’ Market and Certified Producer Certificates.

CA Code of Regulations

Title 3. Food and Agriculture
Division 3. Economics
Chapter 1. Fruit and Vegetable Standardization
Subchapter 4. Fresh Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables
Article 6.5. Direct Marketing (Sections 1392 – 1392.12)

CA Food & Agricultural Code
Division 17. Fruit, Nut, and Vegetable Standards
Chapter 10.5 Direct Marketing (Sections 47000 – 47050)

California County Agricultural Commissioners
Website Index.

Contact Information.

Department of Public Health
California Health and Safety Code

Division 104 Environmental Health
Part 7. California Retail Food Code
Chapter 12. Certified Farmers Markets (Sections 114370 – 114373).

Department of Consumer Affairs
Business and Professions Code

Division 7. General Business Regulations
Part 3. Representations to the Public
Chapter 1. Advertising
Article 1. False Advertising in General (Section 17500)

University of California, Small Farm Center
Starting a Farmers Market pamphlet

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card use at Farmers Markets –
EBT Farmers Market Nutrition Project.

WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program
Start up and application packages for Farmers and Farmers Markets.

USDA and CDFA Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program
Program outline and State contact list.

Market Nutrition Program

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