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Questions and Contact Information

Selling Questions:
Only California Grown agricultural products may be sold in the Certified Farmers’ Market, and all such agricultural products must be grown by the farmer selling them. Each farmer must be inspected and obtain a Producer’s Certificate before they can sell at a Certified Farmers’ Market.

Some market operators maintain or operate a separate area usually adjacent to the Certified Farmers’ Market where persons may sell nonagricultural goods or other food products, or where other activities such as nonprofit literature distribution may occur.

California farmers wishing to sell in a particular Certified Farmers Market, or persons wishing to sell goods or distribute information adjacent to that Certified Farmers Market must contact the operators of that particular market directly. Click on Find a Market to determine the contact information for the particular market in which you wish to participate.

Market operations and disputes:
The Federation does not engage in any mediation or conflict resolution for any dispute between a farmer or vendor and a market operator. The Federation does not have jurisdiction over the placement or removal of any farmer or vendor in any market operation.

Starting a Certified Farmers’ Market:
Contact the Agricultural Commissioner’s office in the County where you are considering starting the market. Also it is highly recommended that you contact existing Certified Farmers’ Market operators in the same City or County for their consideration of the endeavor.

The University of California Small Farm Center publishes several manuals on how to start a Certified Farmers’ Market in California (see The Federation does not assist, consult or advise individuals or organizations on starting a Certified Farmers’ Market.

Joining the Federation:
Membership in the Federation is limited to existing and active Certified Farmers’ Markets in California. To apply for membership or for more information on membership obligations, please contact the Federation.

Contact Information for the California Federation of Certified Farmers’ Markets:
Phone: (916) 689-9496 E-Mail:
Mailing Address: 8359 Elk Grove Florin Road, Suite 103-380 Sacramento, California 95829